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“If you are new to the business of online surveys then perhaps Survey Scout is your best choice with its user friendly interface and updated directory of companies.”

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“We found that Survey Scout contained the best quality survey listings and the largest number of survey programs available as well as being the most value for money out of every provider currently going around.”

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"I'm extremely grateful to you... and proud to tell my friends I'm a member of Survey Scout."

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“Survey Scout is one of the oldest and most reputed survey programs…it is not a get rich scam like others I’ve seen.”

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Survey Scout Review

Product Overview: A few years ago, big companies that needed market information would call people at home and ask if they would be willing to spend a few minutes doing a survey. Now, people are too busy and aren’t nearly as cooperative, so these corporations have moved to paying the same people to take surveys.

Survey Scout is a service that collects all these surveys from the big companies and distributes them to its members. How much each survey pays varies—the range is between $5 and $75 per survey. In addition there are also other (usually higher paying) options—i.e. phone surveys, participation in focus groups, etc. Consumer feedback has been very positive for most members.

Company Info:, LLC—Company Headquarters is located in Eagle, Idaho.

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Product Specifications: Survey Scout is a fee based online membership that provides its members with surveys to complete—in return, the members get paid for taking the surveys by the providing corporation.

Price: $34.95 Annual Membership Fee

Return Policy: 60 day money back guarantee



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