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Survey Broker Review

Product Overview: Survey Broker is an Online Survey Membership Site that provides a list of hundreds of companies that pay you to take online surveys for their own market research. There are many scam and sham Online Survey Membership Sites as well as a host of Companies that don’t pay what they advertise for their surveys. Many people fall victim to wasting up to an hour of their time filling out a company survey, only to find that the payment are some raffle tickets to a contest that may not even exist. Survey Broker is one of a small number of reputable Online Survey Membership Sites that delivers on its promise, as it directly links you to credible companies that literally pay $5 to $150 per survey. All the Companies found on their site have been put through Survey-Broker’s filter as they have successfully delivered real paying surveys to over 4750 members in 50 different countries through their years of experience in the industry.

As a member of Survey Broker, you will have the opportunity to make real money taking online surveys, but through a host of other vehicles, one of which is actually using your vehicle. According to you can earn $500-$3000 per month simply to drive your car. The other major online money makers are participating in Focus Groups that can earn you up to $150 per hour and doing Telephone Surveys that pay you up to $130 per hour. The other opportunities available to members of Survey-Broker include testing new products that will earn you $10 to $25, while keeping the product for free, $10 to $25 an hour for previewing new movie trailers, $10 to $40 to set appointments online, and eat and shop, and of course hundreds.

Company Info: Survey-Broker was founded by Alison Wright, the company’s CEO. As of November, 9th 2008 Survey-Broker has served over 4300 members in 50 different countries. The official website is

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Product Specifications: Survey-Broker provides a direct link to reputable companies that pay people to take surveys, participate in focus groups, etc for their own market research.

Price: $39.95 with the 50% coupon code from

Return Policy: 60 day money back guarantee



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