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“The first day I joined I made my joining fee back and then some! I've since been doing about 10 surveys a week (I know, I know, I'm going to do more soon) and have been getting paychecks and gift certificates to stores near by. Thank you.”

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Gain Opinion Review

Product Overview: Gain Opinion is a website that helps its members earn for casting their opinions about certain things. The website encourages web users to take online surveys, by paying them for it. It works as a channel between the end-users and companies that develop products for the market. It incorporates a database of more than 500 companies that pay the users for trying out their products. The users of the website can earn by taking various online surveys, or participating in different focused online groups. In additions, users are also paid for keeping and trying out new products.

“Gain Opinion” provides user feed back to the companies, thereby helping them to develop user-oriented products for the market. Web users need to sign up with the website to become its full-fledged members. The website boasts of three distinct membership plans, namely 24 month subscription plan, 12 subscription plan, and 6 month trial membership method. There are different income slots provided with the website that help users in calculating their income for taking these promotional surveys. In addition, the website also pays its members to shop in some particular stores, or eat in some specified restaurants.

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Product Specifications: The website helps users to participate into surveys, focus groups, new product trials and earn money online.

Price: $29.95

Return Policy: 8 week money back guarantee



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